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Want to Learn More?

Compliance With A Conscience

At Seattle University School of Law, we believe that compliance benefits society when practiced ethically. Also, this is what we mean by “compliance with a conscience” — a core value of our program.

In practice, this means we train professionals to approach their work with an “I get to” attitude as opposed to a “because I have to” mentality. 

The compliance program at Seattle U Law focuses on best practices in compliance and risk management. Also, this prepares students to add value to their workplace and the wider community. Additionally, this paradigm adds value to every organization and society where our graduates work. Furthermore, we align our mission of “empowering leaders for a just and humane world”. In conclusion, Seattle’s diverse economy and innovative and entrepreneurial spirit provide students with the highest level of insight. 

Additionally, our program includes world-class faculty like Rashelle Tanner, an attorney and 1998 graduate who leads Microsoft’s global anti-corruption and business conduct training programs designed to empower employees to approach decision-making with integrity. Also, her award-winning Standards of Business Conduct course is delivered annually. Moreover, it has been translated into 17 languages and is requires learning for Microsoft’s 130,000 employees, subsidiaries, and board of directors. Finally, watch our webinar for more information.  

Lastly, for any additional information about the programs and courses at Seattle U School of Law feel free to fill out the forms on our website.

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