Master of Legal Studies in Healthcare Compliance

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Want to Learn More?

Master Healthcare Compliance Online

Shifting regulations, increased demand on our health systems, growth of medical technology, and the challenges of a global pandemic. The healthcare industry has never been more in need of leaders who can apply compliance with a conscience. Become the leader healthcare organizations need by earning a Masters in Legal Studies in Compliance and Risk Management. 

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An Evolving Industry

Healthcare compliance is an exciting field that impacts everyone. Prepare for a career in this evolving industry with our broad curriculum, including three courses focused on compliance and risk management for healthcare: 

  • Explore fundamental federal regulations that impact healthcare professionals and organizations in the Healthcare Law course. 
  • Learn about compliance with governmental regulations and internal corporate policies as practiced by hospitals and managed care organizations in the Healthcare Industry Compliance course. 
  • Examine the impacts of the pharmaceutical industry, explore promotional regulatory oversight, and dig into applicable laws regulating compliance in the Healthcare Transactions Compliance course

By the end of these courses, you’ll have a working knowledge of the regulations essential to ensure compliance in the healthcare industry, including fraud and abuse laws, HIPAA, and the Affordable Care Act. Practice with real-world scenarios guided by instructors who are experts in the industry. Prepare to navigate changing regulations, track regulatory change, and contribute to the rulemaking process, all while helping your organization provide the best possible care.

Leaders Like You

Patients, providers, managed care, biotech companies, pharmaceuticals, nonprofits, advocacy groups, government health agencies, and healthcare facilities need compliance and risk management leaders who understand healthcare law and can constantly adapt. Career opportunities include: 

Compliance Manager or Compliance Officer – Lead compliance efforts for a hospital or care facility by overseeing training, policy development, and decision making. 

Patient Privacy and Protection Specialist – Advocate for the privacy and well-being of all patients by managing the use and storage of private medical information. 

Compliance Auditor – Review and monitor compliance efforts and interact with agencies, lawyers, organizations, and executive team members to minimize risk and ensure compliance.

You can select from other concentrations depending on your professional goals and interests: