Master of Legal Studies in Cybersecurity Compliance

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Want to Learn More?

The Future of Cybersecurity Compliance

In an increasingly digital world, businesses and organizations face constantly evolving threats. Fraud, data breaches, digital privacy, and more demand not only vigilance but specific expertise to counteract. In our online Master of Legal Studies in Compliance and Risk Management program, you’ll become immersed in this rapidly evolving regulatory space and learn to make vital decisions that protect your organization and its data. 

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Detect and Protect

Modern compliance professionals need a solid grasp of cybersecurity, data privacy, and fraud prevention topics. We have developed specific courses to prepare you for a role in the complex world of contemporary compliance and risk management: 

  • Examine the laws and policies that protect personal privacy and explore how they change as new technologies emerge in the Foundations of Privacy Law course. 
  • Learn ways to minimize the likelihood of breaches in your organization and how to guide your organization when such difficulties occur in the Data Breach and Response course.
  • Investigate the intersection of financial privacy and cybersecurity through the applicable laws, regulations, policies, and legal concepts that impact them in the Financial Privacy and Cybersecurity course. 

Throughout these courses and others, you’ll learn to draft effective incident response plans, train employees, and collaborate and liaise with other organizational leaders and teams to prevent and respond to cybersecurity threats. From financial information to personally identifiable information, you’ll explore the regulations and safeguards that protect client and organizational privacy. Learn to apply your knowledge with real-world scenarios guided by instructors who are expert scholars and practitioners in the industry. 

Expanding Career Opportunities

Cybersecurity is now an integral part of the compliance and risk management landscape. Organizations need professionals with expertise in cybersecurity and data privacy to guide both real-world and online operations. This concentration can prepare you for roles like: 

Chief Information Security Officer – Collaborate with attorneys and external groups to ensure compliance with cybersecurity regulations and coordinate organizational responses.

Cybersecurity Program Analyst – Assess cybersecurity programs and aid in the administration and oversight of cybersecurity policy and regulatory compliance. 

Cybersecurity Program Manager – Oversee the cybersecurity operations to ensure compliance and risk management for a business unit or organization. 

Chief Compliance Officer – Oversee a team of compliance experts to build a culture of compliance for a technology-forward organization. 

Seattle U Law’s online MLS in Compliance and Risk Management program equips you with the cybersecurity knowledge you need to guide compliance in an increasingly digital world.

You can select from other concentrations depending on your professional goals and interests: