Online MLS For Military Professionals

Online MLS For Military Professionals

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Want to Learn More?

Want to Learn More?

We’re Honored To Have You Here

You have given so much for your country. The least we can do is give you and your family a few things in return.

  • Use your military benefits to help fund your advanced degree if you’re a qualified veteran or family member
  • Enjoy a wealth of resources like the Veterans Guidebook, written by our military community specifically for veterans
  • Find stability and support as we ensure you receive everything you need

Make a Risk-Free Career Decision

Risk has been part of your life, but it shouldn’t be part of your career prospects. Healthcare compliance is the fastest-growing sector of our economy. Achieve both job security and career growth by entering this exciting, expanding industry. 

  • Enroll in our rigorous online program designed to help you both master core principles and specialize in your chosen area of compliance
  • Enter the job market with the exact skills companies seek out 
  • Prepare to lead compliance efforts in any organization, regardless of industry
Enrique Alvarado

It’s for my own education, to further my knowledge base. If you have the means and ability to do it, I think it helps anybody. Even if this had nothing to do with my job at all, I would say it’s still a benefit.” 
–Enrique Alvarado, MLS ’22

Five Concentrations for Career Specialization

Seattle University offers five industry concentrations that help you specialize in your career, allowing you to move to the top of the applicant pool with practical expertise. You can choose to focus in one of the following areas:

A Program That Fits Your Needs,
Now and in the Future

  • Sacrifice nothing more. Our part-time, asynchronous online program leaves room for the rest of your life
  • Be a part of the movement for better regulations and impact change from the inside out
  • Learn from and connect with experienced legal educators and adjunct faculty

As the world turns and continues, especially working in the tech space at the cutting edge of everything new, understanding the regulations for a company is critical … I feel like we’re the guardians of the company. We care and we want to get it right.

– Rashelle Tanner, Director of Culture Programs and Legal Learning & Development for Meta Platforms