September Webinar

Data Privacy & Healthcare Compliance in a Post-Roe America


Seattle University School of Law’s upcoming webinar will feature two esteemed guest speakers discussing an incredibly timely hot-button issue: Data Privacy & Healthcare Compliance in a Post-Roe America. Analysis and dialogue will investigate the increased risks around various lawful access requests, essentially unregulated data brokers selling detailed profiles, for-profit companies targeting and meddling in highly subjective and ethically complex decisions, and more. Dr. Tracy Kosa is a privacy advocate, practitioner and researcher currently working at Meta as a director in the central privacy team. Frank DiMarino has served as an adjunct professor in law and legal studies for 22 years and served as an Assistant United States Attorney for 18 years.

The webinar is a can’t-miss opportunity to learn from two speakers with extensive experience as they illuminate an exceedingly challenging, complex, and crucial topic.

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September 29th, 2022
12:00PM PDT
Duration: 30 Minutes Followed by a Q&A

Webinar Registration

Webinar Registration