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Want to Learn More?

Why You Need A Masters of Legal Studies Degree

Organizations increasingly depend upon business executives with knowledge of legal concepts, policies, and regulations specific to their industry. These professionals mitigate risk and navigate complex legal issues at all levels of the organization. Because of this, Master of Legal Studies (MLS) programs are popular options to equip professionals. This helps with the skills required to serve their organizations while advancing their careers.

Earning an MLS degree has many benefits, including:

  •  Career options
  •  Job security
  •  Influence

1. Career Options

A bachelor’s degree has become the minimum required education for many positions. To set yourself apart so you can land a higher-level position, you need to bring an advanced degree to the table.

2. Job Security

The Master of Legal Studies degree makes you an indispensable part of an organization’s workforce by equipping you with valuable skills:

  • Read and understand legal documents like contracts and regulations
  • Advise your organization about complicated regulatory frameworks
  • Detect a legal problem before it becomes a crisis
  • Communicate with paralegals and lawyers
  • Lead by building consensus, framing issues, and solving problems through a legal lens

3. Influence

Many individuals pursue a Master of Legal Studies degree because they desire to increase their impact and influence in the workplace. Also, the MLS degree will bridge the gap of missing legal knowledge. Furthermore, it will establish essential expertise for someone holding an upper-administration or C-level position.

The Master of Legal Studies degree is an asset for professionals who work with lawyers and legal issues. As well as, professionals in government, or an industry that requires a working knowledge of the law like data and cybersecurity. Also, the degree is an excellent match for professionals who want to re-orient their careers with a niche in providing specialized advice. Contact us to learn more.

Earning your Master of Legal Studies from Seattle University School of Law can help you get where you want to be. Also, our online program is designed for busy executives and features interactive, virtual classrooms consisting of live classes, dedicated students support services, and plenty of opportunities for students to connect with their peers and professors.

Visit our Frequently Asked Questions to learn more about the program or contact an admissions advisor at 206-398-4268.

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