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Want to Learn More?

Student Profile: Get to Know Neely’s Story and Why She Chose the MLS Program

Why Seattle U's Online MLS Program

Why did you choose to take this online course through an online medium? 

Why Seattle U’s Online MLS Program? Although I love the classroom experience, I chose this online program because it provides the flexibility that I need to manage a work-life balance. I completed my first master’s degree online, with a 1-year-old daughter and 8-year-old son, as well as my career. Also, now that my son is 24 and my daughter is 16, I still find that balance can be a challenge, and I was blessed to find this opportunity to pursue my dreams and still balance life. 

What prior experience do you have with the law and with compliance and risk management? 

Throughout my career, I have worked closely with attorneys, regulators, and organizations managing risk and the bottom line. Also, the majority of that work has been surrounding trade regulations, technology decisions, M&A risk assessments, product classification, and license determination. In other words, tariff engineering, free trade, customs and BIS audits, and State Department inquiries. 

What do you hope to achieve in this course? 

I have always felt confident working with outside counsel and knowing when to bring them in; however, it would be a benefit to me and my career to better understand the legal side. In addition, I want to expand my knowledge, competence, and proficiency in corporate compliance, governance, and risk management beyond trade regulations.

What motivated you to enroll in this Program?

I have always wanted to return to law school. In July 2019, my job was eliminated and I found myself asking, “What next?” Furthermore, now is the best time as any to go back to school and this program allows me to get that education that I need in lieu of a JD. 

Why Seattle U’s Online MLS Program?

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