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Want to Learn More?

Student Profile: Get to Know Thijs’ Story and Why He Chose the MLS Program

Why did you choose to take this course through an online medium?  

Student Profile Online MLS Program – The primary reason for enrolling in this course online is because I live in Anacortes (located about two hours north of campus). For me to commute to Seattle every week for classes would not only be difficult, but that traffic would absolutely cause additional unhealthy stress. Thus, taking the course online allows me a more valued working space and the ability to feel like I am in control of my own schedule.

What prior experience do you have with the law and with compliance and risk management?

As far as compliance and risk go, I work in the maritime industry and there is always some exposure to rules and regulations that are required to maintain a safe and trusted business. 

What would you like to learn about the law and the place of compliance and risk management within the law?  

The goal for this course is to make myself more valuable within the procurement and risk departments at work. I want to be able to protect my company and co-workers with a strong knowledge of risk management and compliance As I go through this program, I will learn about reviewing contracts and standard operating procedures, negotiating changes and implementing my knowledge to make a difference in my workplace. 

What motivated you to enroll in this program? 

The advancement in my organization has been the strongest motivation. There are many people at my company with a master’s degree, but those are primarily in Business Management. I wanted something that is a little more specialized and uncommon. The MLS degree from Seattle U Law will do just that. Another advantage is that this program will give me a taste of what law school will be like, as it’s possible that I may want to become a lawyer one day. We will see how it goes!

Also, if you’d like additional information about Seattle U’s Online Masters Legal Studies (MLS) in Compliance and Risk Management, visit our course overview or fill out our online form and we will connect with you! Furthermore, our site is full of other useful pages for prospective students to browse. Additionally, this includes information about our distinguished faculty and program team members. Furthermore, we are always available to answer your questions by phone, so give us a call anytime. Also, our administration staff is ready and excited to talk to you about how Seattle U’s online programs can help boost your career.

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