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Want to Learn More?

Accomplished Adjunct Professor Julie DiMauro Has Nothing But Praise for Seattle U

Julie DiMauroDirector of Compliance Programs and Training at Compliance Week, Julie DiMauro works in the financial services regulatory compliance arena, creates compliance training courses, served as a contributing editor for the FCPA Blog, is co-chair of the corporate governance committee of the Financial Women’s Association, and has many more accomplishments to her name. Yet perhaps the single most rewarding element of her career is teaching as an adjunct faculty member at Seattle University School of Law. 

From Uncertainty To Clarity

Julie wasn’t one of those children who knew exactly what she wanted to pursue in life. After completing her undergraduate degree in the liberal arts, she determined that she’d thrive in a logical and concrete industry. Beyond that self-awareness, however, her future was a blank canvas. The impetus for enrolling in law school was simply the inarguable practicality of the additional degree. 

During her first year at Washington College of Law, Julie admits to feeling a little out of place. It seemed like other students were simply born to be lawyers, or had arrived at law school with extensive experience under their belts. By the second year it all started to make sense, when she joined the Journal of Gender and the Law, and got involved in the Domestic Violence Clinic at American University Law school. She gained a granular, intricate exposure to these delicate subjects, discovering fascinating new perspectives, knowledge, and creative approaches. The countless unanticipated purposes of a law degree became clear. 

Sincerely Learning From Her Students

Years later, she (gracefully) fell into her role as an Adjunct Professor at Seattle University School of Law when a friend queried potential adjunct faculty candidates. Julie was interested, referred, hired, and quickly found out that the job was a perfect fit. 

Julie knows she found teaching a little down the road, but so much better late than never (a sentiment that her wonderful colleague Kelli Rodriguez Currie echoes.) Always happy to learn from those who have been teaching longer, she simultaneously learns from her students. “I am taking my course as they are,” she says, “and I’m also learning the ways that different people communicate. I love it, I love the opportunity to be creative, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to learn from them.” 

Julie consistently finds the teaching process deeply rewarding and hopes it becomes her next full-time profession. In the meantime, “It reinforces the compliance learning that I need to undertake anyway in my regulatory role. It’s truly complementary.” Much of what she reads for work ends up being equally applicable to both teaching and her day job.

Compliance is Constantly Evolving

Julie loves the approachability of everybody at Seattle University, finding that “the elements of the program are just so well put together and lends itself to a really good learning environment.” Students find the program easy to use and interactive, there are great discussions that occur, and everyone continues “making this virtual environment something that is helpful, appropriate, and usable for them. I’m very impressed by the way Seattle has brought a number of very talented people together to make this experience better for students.”

One of the advantages of choosing Seattle U is the long-term approach to education. “I think that there’s more emphasis being placed on learning,” she remarks thoughtfully. “Don’t forget that compliance is not static in any way, shape, or form. The body of regulations of law and best practices is constantly evolving.” Seattle U’s program reinforces that message. It’s available for people who want to demonstrate their ongoing learning and mastery of these subjects – while still staying competitive and advancing in their careers.

Your Perspective Is Extremely Important

It’s only too easy for Julie to share excellent advice for new Seattle U students, like an invitation to “plan on being very participatory. We really want to hear from you!” Though she knows that you can do it all virtually, attending some live lectures is highly recommended because you also learn from your peers. As far as encouragement, “remember that your perspective is extremely important, no matter where you’re coming from; we want to hear about your background. Speak up when you have any time challenges, because your teachers always understand.” Come with an open mind about all you want to learn, because this isn’t traditional book learning. A lot of your learning is through spontaneous interactions with other students or reading documents on real-time news events. “Enjoy the spontaneity of it!” she concludes with a wide grin. Her enthusiasm is contagious.

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