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Want to Learn More?

Earn an MLS in Sports Law Compliance

MLS in Sports Law

Sports law, unlike criminal law or torts, is not its own codified set of laws. Instead, it encompasses many different areas of law and is based on the application of relevant law in the industry. Seattle U School of Law’s new Sports Law Compliance concentration will help you dive deeper into your compliance education and become a vital contributor to the infrastructure of sports organizations.

SU’s concentration covers intellectual property and NIL issues, employment and labor issues, contemporary critical issues like racial inequity, and so much more. Throughout our program, you will develop critical, analytical, and creative approaches to problem-solving with hands-on projects and real-world scenarios.

If your passion lies with professional sports, earning a Master of Legal Studies (MLS) in Sports Law Compliance might be the path for you. At Seattle U Law, gain the specialized and practical legal skills to become a trusted expert in this emerging sector of compliance and risk management.

Risk and Compliance Within Sports Law

Risk is an intrinsic element of sports. As a result, risk management provides many career opportunities within the industry. Sporting events, sports facilities, and sports programs all require risk management. Sports organizations have three risk-related goals:

  1. Provide a safe environment
  2. Make fair decisions through policies
  3. Properly protect and maintain any assets and resources

Athletic programs need protection so as to avoid injury and lawsuits: this business success of sports organizations is an important competency. Administrators must be aware of regulations and relevant laws, and how they impact the organization and its programs. Compliance spans all sporting levels, whether it is a school, collegiate, or professional team. 

Sports franchises operate in highly regulated environments. Ethical committees are in place to ensure athletes and organizations navigate necessary procedures and regulations. Failure to comply with mandated regulations can result in significant legal and financial consequences, as well as damage to the organization’s reputation.

The Benefits of a Sports Law Compliance Concentration

A Master of Legal Studies teaches you the nuances of risk and compliance within the sports industry, providing you with a foundational understanding and applicable skillset. Upon completion of our program at Seattle U School of Law, students graduate with the ability to:

  • Employ a working knowledge of NIL, Title IX athletics compliance, the NCAA governance and infractions process, and more
  • Utilize legal analysis, research, and written and verbal communication within risk and compliance to untangle complex sports industry concerns
  • Demonstrate an ability to perform critical compliance and operational roles ethically and with cultural competency for a variety of sports organizations
  • Analyze the role of administrative bodies and how they relate to the sports industry
  • Prime yourself for roles as an Athletic Director of Compliance, Director of Safeguarding, Risk and Compliance Manager, University Compliance Officer, and more

Earning your MLS can give you a competitive advantage in your career, lead to a higher salary, and create more opportunities for professional growth.

Choose Seattle U School of Law

Seattle U School of Law’s MLS program is a valuable sports law degree for a career in the industry. It is ideal for individuals who don’t want to become attorneys but want to work with legal methods, advance their careers, and still impact the future of sports. 

We offer a fully online program for our students, ensuring added flexibility within your education. Whether you are working in the industry already or have other commitments and obligations, our MLS program gives you the ability to adapt your studies to your schedule. Expect to experience:

  • Part-time and fully online learning
  • Fall and Spring term starts
  • 3 terms per year
  • 14-week terms
  • Synchronous and asynchronous components 

The MLS program consists of 30 credit hours. You can complete the program within two years. Our world-class faculty are experts in their fields, excited to share their knowledge and committed to students’ success.

If you want to gain a comprehensive knowledge of law, policy, and principles in compliance and risk management – and have a passion for sports – an MLS in Sports Law Compliance sounds like your next move. Contact our admissions office today to get the ball rolling. Email us at

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