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Want to Learn More?

Learn the Foundations of Privacy Law with Seattle U’s Online MLS Program

Foundations of Privacy Law

A majority of Americans – 79% – report concern about the way their data is used by companies. 69% of Americans are concerned about the way their data is used by the government.

Privacy is important not only in our personal lives but within the law as well. In today’s digital world, the risk of data breaches and fraud is higher than ever. Laws are in place to protect these assets, and these protections constitute the foundation of privacy law. 

Take a definitive step towards an emerging career in privacy protection by earning a specialized degree. At Seattle University School of Law, our online Master of Legal Studies (MLS) degree teaches you the foundations of privacy law through our Compliance and Risk Management program.

What is Cybersecurity Compliance?

Cybersecurity Compliance, usually enacted by a regulatory authority, is a rapidly evolving field keeping pace with expanding technology. Roles involve meeting various controls to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data. 

In our MLS program, we prepare you for a successful role in the world of contemporary compliance and risk management. You will learn how to make vital decisions that protect your organization and its data. Seattle U teaches you the fine print of cybersecurity, data privacy, fraud prevention, and more starting with the Foundations of Privacy law course. 

Foundations of Privacy Law Course

Our Foundations of Privacy Law course is a starting point from which to launch your cybersecurity compliance education. The course examines the laws and policies that protect personal privacy and their evolutions new technologies emerge. It analyzes the principles of privacy law in relation to the affairs of government, non-government organizations, and individuals. 

Throughout this course, you examine laws that protect personal privacy, both from a historical perspective and with a contemporary focus supplying insights on the current landscape. 

Upon graduation from our MLS in Compliance and Risk Management program, you can confidently draft effective incident response plans, train employees, and collaborate and liaise with other organization leaders and teams to prevent and respond to cybersecurity threats. 

Working in this field allows you to explore the regulations and safeguards protecting client and organizational privacy. In this program, you will encounter real-world scenarios guided by instructors who are expert scholars and practitioners in the industry. Ultimately, you will graduate prepared for a career in cybersecurity compliance and risk management. 

Career Options

Cybersecurity is a necessary field for most organizations\ and an integral element of compliance and risk management A degree can lead to many careers, including:

  • Chief Information Security Officer
  • Cybersecurity Program Analyst
  • Cybersecurity Program Manager
  • Chief Compliance Officer

Compliance impacts every industry, especially when it comes to cybersecurity. 

Why Seattle University School of Law

Seattle University School of Law’s online MLS in Compliance and Risk Management courses are taught by highly regarded faculty who are experts in their fields. Our degree gives professionals a comprehensive knowledge of law, policy, and principles in compliance and risk in a career where you do not need a Juris Doctor to accomplish your professional goals. 

The online program draws students with its flexibility, convenience, and efficiency. Most of our courses are designed asynchronously, meaning that students do not need to all be online at the same time. Our weekly modules can be completed around your schedule as long as it meets the deadline. This design allows you to uphold other professional and personal commitments. You will still interact with our esteemed staff as well as your fellow students, and have access to Seattle University’s resources without needing to sacrifice personal priorities. The investment is worth it – a specialized MLS degree opens doors for your career and can increase your earning potential. 

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