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The Future of Risk Management: How an Online Master’s Can Prepare You

Future of Risk Management

Since 2000, the number of people aged 25 and over whose highest degree was a master’s has doubled to 21 million. Is it the path for you? If you’re in risk management and compliance, it may very well be. The future of risk management and compliance is apparent in the advancement of technology and how our lives revolve around that technology. How can a master’s degree help your career in a field that continues to evolve?

Seattle University School of Law has an online master of legal studies program (MLS) in compliance and risk management. Within that, the program offer multiple concentration options to give you even more in-depth knowledge of your field. This allows our students to not only thrive in today’s world, but tomorrow’s as well. 

Advancing Fields

Technology grows exponentially. This began and continues with the digital revolution and digital era of our world. Computer speeds and processing double every year. The world of five years ago is never the same as the one we are in today. With advancements in technology come higher risks to security and data. Solutions get developed to keep up with this growth and the constantly evolving threats. 

Compliance and risk management are ever-changing and nuanced. No matter what field of compliance you’re in, you need to be able to keep up with a rapidly evolving regulatory space. With the transformational changes and their promise, dramatic shifts occur in the landscape of risks faced by businesses. Those working in risk management and compliance need to develop new capabilities and expand their domain knowledge.

MLS Benefits

You can work in risk management without a master’s degree. However, an advanced degree opens doors for you professionally. The benefits can include an increase in your salary, pave the way for better career options, and aid in employee retention. 

With an MLS, you become more marketable and an established expert in your field. This fact becomes amplified if you obtain an MLS that has a concentration attached. Developing specialized knowledge in your chosen field puts you in an even better place than the general degree.

Why Seattle U is Right for You

Getting your degree from Seattle University has many benefits. We are grounded in one of the country’s most diverse and dynamic business hubs. You can tap into the university’s network as a student and alumnus. You have the opportunity to learn from experienced legal educators and adjunct faculty drawn from Seattle’s leading businesses.

Our master’s program is fully online. Obtaining a degree completely online is another example of something that could not happen a generation ago. This means that our program serves you whether you already work in compliance and risk management and want to go to school as you continue working, or you’re starting your career anew. You can continue fulfilling any other obligations you have in life without letting your educational aspirations suffer.

Seattle University also offers four industry concentrations that give you a leg up and traction in your career. You can choose to focus on the following:

We prepare you for leadership roles in each of these highly regulated and advancing environments.

If you’re looking to build your career in compliance and risk management entirely online, contact our admissions office today to get started.

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