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Want to Learn More?

Want to Learn More?

Five Ways to Advance Your Career

A Master of Legal Studies is in demand in a variety of industries and offers a practical learning format for busy adult learners. It’s the game-changer you need to advance your career.

Five ways an advanced degree in legal studies will propel you forward:


Be the Expert:

The Master of Legal Studies (MLS) provides a working knowledge of the law to leverage negotiations, monitor risk, and compliance practices, and manage leads and contracts.

Choose to Specialize:

A Master of Legal Studies sets you apart from your peers but doesn’t require the time and financial investment of a Juris Doctor (JD). At Seattle University School of Law, our MLS in Compliance and Risk Management offers concentrations in healthcare, corporate, finance, or data and cybersecurity.

Plan Ahead:

The degree provides a foundation of understanding of the law, policy, and legal/regulatory frameworks that apply in healthcare, cybersecurity, finance, corporate and a myriad of other industries and organizations. These are all topics that are increasingly integral to current and future business operations. Moreover, jobs requiring an advanced degree are expected to increase in number over time.1

Earn a Return on Your Educational Investment:

The MLS degree is the natural choice to earn a high-quality, accredited degree at a reasonable price. Education not only gets you a step ahead when applying to jobs, more education means higher pay in the marketplace.2

Be a Valuable Contributor:

Graduates attain a working knowledge of the law that is valuable across a wide range of industries, and at multiple levels within organizations.

Here are just a few of the industries where an MLS degree can be applied:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Technology
  • Human Resources
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Healthcare
  • Higher Education
  • Nonprofit
  • Banking and Financial Services
  • PR and Media
  • IT and Cybersecurity
  • Government Agencies
  • Lobbyists
  • Consultants
  • Legal Operations

Today’s professionals want to gain an edge to compete for promotions, but they often lack the complex skills needed to get there. Furthering your education is a fantastic way to get ahead by investing in yourself and your future. The Master of Legal Studies program will give you the edge you need to get ahead in the workplace and stay current in the global marketplace.

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