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Want to Learn More?

Expand Your Knowledge of Regulatory Compliance in Healthcare

Regulatory Compliance in Healthcare

Getting your master’s degree has two main benefits: expanding your knowledge and expanding your career. According to the Bureau Labor of Statistics, the earnings increase from the bachelor’s level to the master’s level is approximately 20%.

In addition, a master’s degree can make you an expert in the field you’re passionate about. When it comes to regulatory compliance in healthcare, getting your MLS is a natural next step. Seattle University provides an MLS in compliance and risk management — a degree that can boost your career.

Boosting Your Career

Obtaining your master’s degree has multiple career benefits that make it entirely worthwhile.

Increase your salary

With a master’s degree, your earning potential increases. According to a study done by the Georgetown University Center on Education, employees with bachelor’s degrees earn $2.27 million over the lifetime of their careers. In contrast, those holding advanced degrees can earn 20% (or higher) percent more—up to $3.65 million

Advance Your Career With Promotion

Specialized knowledge of your field paves the way for promotion. 36 percent of employers reported that they would be unlikely to promote someone who doesn’t have a college degree, and 27% of employers are seeking candidates with a master’s degree. When it comes to a highly regulated field such as healthcare, having extra knowledge in compliance can significantly impact your future opportunities.

Expanding Your Knowledge

Healthcare involves shifting compliance and regulations. An MLS gives you the knowledge to work within an evolving industry. Healthcare law is a dynamic, ever-changing field. Our program and its introductory course survey fundamental legal issues impacting healthcare professionals, patients, and organizations. For those hesitant to apply, based on their educational journey, there is no prior knowledge of health law or health care systems required. 

From our introductory Regulatory Compliance in Healthcare course alone, the topics covered will include regulation of public and private health insurance, the Affordable Care Act, competition in healthcare markets, healthcare fraud and abuse, and patient protections.

Seattle University for Your MLS

Seattle University School of Law gives you foundational courses in legal institutions, methods, and communication, including research and writing. Our online MLS program gives you the ability to mold your education to the life and work obligations you already have. Completing your MLS simultaneously gives you a professional advantage, working knowledge of the regulations essential to ensure compliance in the healthcare industry, and career opportunities. It’s evidently a wise investment in yourself. 

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