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Want to Learn More?

Common Questions About the MBA and MLS Degrees

We receive many questions about the MBA and MLS Degrees, so we thought we’d answer them here. To start, our Master of Business Administration (MBA) degrees are often the go-to degrees for traditional career advancement. However, they aren’t always the best degree in today’s complex market. Also, the legal field is growing, with a need for non-lawyers to step in and provide legal focus in the workplace and the community[1]. Also, prospective students often ask us about the difference between a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree and a Master of Legal Studies (MLS) degree, both of which are offered at Seattle University.

Additionally, the well-known MBA is a general degree that focuses on management and overarching business practices. Also, MLS degrees, which are gaining in popularity, are law degrees designed to explore legal perspectives on real-life business issues. Also, earning an MLS degree from Seattle University School of Law will advance your career. Furthermore, our online MLS programs feature interactive, virtual classrooms consisting of live courses, dedicated student support services, and plenty of opportunities for students to interact and connect with their peers and professors.

Let’s dispel a few myths about the Online MLS degree.

Myth: Earning a graduate degree is not worth the time, cost, and effort.

Reality: Graduate degrees are in high demand in the marketplace and lead to higher compensation over time. Also, it is important to research specific programs and choose the best option to excel in your career path.

Myth: The online MLS degree is intriguing, but online learning means you miss out on socializing and collaborating as you learn.

Reality: Online learning is a convenient and engaging way to learn. Students participate in virtual classrooms as well as collaborative assignments.

Myth: The MBA is more prestigious than an MLS degree.

Reality: The MBA and MLS are both Master level degrees that provide a foundation of knowledge and best practice for the business community. The MBA degree focuses on general business topics, while the MLS focuses on aspects of law as they apply to an industry. Neither degree is more or less prestigious than the other.

Myth: Both degrees are abstract and cannot be applied to everyday problems.

Reality: With an MLS degree graduates will develop professional-level legal training and be able to apply what they learn directly to their industry. Additionally, an MBA is a graduate degree that provides theoretical and practical training to help graduates get a general sense of business management functions.
Also, if you still have questions about the MBA and MLS degrees visit our Frequently Asked Questions to learn more about the MLS program or contact an admission advisor at 206-398-4268.

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