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Attorney Jennifer Williams Chose Seattle U Law’s MLS Program to Pivot Her Career to Compliance and Risk Management

Compliance and Risk ManagementJennifer Williams is an attorney who chose Seattle U Law’s Online Master of Legal Studies program in Compliance and Risk Management to help her transition from working as a litigator in private practice to working in compliance at a state agency.  

She graduated from law school in Texas and practiced family and civil litigation for five years. In May 2019, she began working for the Washington State Government. She says she quickly saw the need and the demand for risk management and compliance skills. “That’s what helped draw me into the Seattle University Law’s MLS program,” she says. “I need to wear ‘new hats’ in my new role. Also, I need to fill in and broaden my knowledge base. I want to expand my career options beyond what is possible with only a JD degree.”

A Promotion—And Value Beyond Her JD Degree

Employers recognize the value of the MLS program and degree. “The rigor and the skills I’ve learned so far have tremendous value and contributed to getting a promotion where I oversee many of the roles I’ve learned about in the program,” Jennifer says. “I’ve already moved my career forward. I was recently promoted, and the knowledge I obtained through the MLS program was a contributing factor in that promotion.” 

Becoming an In-House Compliance Expert

Jennifer wants to deepen her knowledge in rule making, regulatory framework, and compliance. “My goal is to attain expert-level compliance skills,” Jennifer says. “This will benefit not only my own skill set, and also my current organization. I want to have a better understanding of the issues our agency deals with from the perspective of states and large governmental organizations.”

Jennifer reports that the agency where she works expects her to refine and develop broader auditing and risk management programs. “The knowledge I’m gaining in my courses,” she says, “makes me well positioned to assist those efforts.”

Students and Professors Bring Deep Experience

The value of the program comes not only from the curriculum but also from the experiences and interactions with peers and professors. Jennifer says the course content is “rewarding, practical, and exactly what I was looking for.” Beyond that, says Jennifer, “the students and their diverse backgrounds have all contributed to my learning. They’ve furthered my understanding of risk management and compliance roles. Some of the professionals in my classes have decades of experience in their roles in a variety of industries, and that’s invaluable to my understanding.”

Seattle U Law’s Master of Legal Studies Program

Seattle U Law’s fully online Master of Legal Studies in Compliance and Risk Management program prepares its graduates to lead compliance efforts in any organization, regardless of industry. Additionally, students graduate with a commanding knowledge of the law, legal analysis, and the frameworks used to identify, assess, and respond to risk. 

Depending on professional goals and interests, students in the program can optionally choose to focus on financial compliancehealthcare compliancecorporate compliance, or data & cybersecurity compliance

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