Online Master Of Legal Studies (MLS) In Compliance And Risk Management

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Align your career goals with your personal values, because business ethics are moral ethics. Learn how to create more ethical workplaces for all - while advancing your career.

Make a Risk-Free Career Decision

Feeling pigeonholed in your career with nowhere to grow? According to Grand View Research, the global cybersecurity industry is protected to more than double between 2021 and 2028. In fact, healthcare compliance is the fastest growing sector of our economy. Achieve both job security and career growth by entering this exciting, expanding industry.

  • Our rigorous online program is designed to help you both master the core principles and specialize in your chosen area of compliance
  • We prepare you to lead compliance efforts in any organization, regardless of industry
  • Enter the job market with the exact skills companies seek out

“I was a career imposse. I knew I needed to expand my compliance knowledge in order to get career traction. Also, I researched Seattle U’s MLS program and found it supplied everything I needed. It was the best decision I ever made.

–  Cynthia Scott, BS, MLS ’21

Five Concentrations for Career Specialization

Seattle University offers five industry concentrations that help you specialize in your career, allowing you to move to the top of the applicant pool with a practical expertise. You can choose to focus in one of the following areas:

Fully Online Means An Advance Degree on Your Time

  • Learn from experienced legal educators and adjunct faculty drawn from Seattle’s leading businesses.
  • Majority of coursework is “asynchronous,” meaning it can be done at your convenience.
  • Our part-time program leaves enough room for the rest of your life

Data Compliance in Good Conscience

Be a part of the movement for better regulations when you impact change from the inside out. Even from behind the scenes, you’ll be at the forefront of legal advancement when we need it the most. At Seattle, you graduate with a demonstrated ability to perform critical non-attorney roles ethically and with cultural competency.

Rashelle Tanner

“As the world turns and continues, especially working in the tech space at the cutting edge of everything new, understanding the regulations for a company is critical … I feel like we’re the guardians of the company. We care and we want to get it right.”

– Rashelle Tanner, Director of Culture Programs and Legal Learning & Development for Meta Platforms