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How To Write A Personal Statement For Graduate School

When applying to graduate school, many students find themselves stuck on the personal statement requirement. They wonder what they should write about, how to start, and how long the statement should be. Since the goal of any personal statement is to help an admissions committee understand you as an individual, there is no perfect template for writing one. However, you can follow some guidelines to make the task less daunting. 

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Seattle University MLS Student Named Among 2020 Women Leaders in Technology

Anne Bayerkohler is only two semesters into the Master of Legal Studies in Compliance and Risk Management program at Seattle University School of Law, but her accomplishments are already gaining recognition. Bayerkohler was named among the 2020 Women Leaders in Technology by Consulting Magazine.

As part of the first cohort of students to enroll in the online MLS program, she knew that it would be valuable to her career—she just didn’t expect to see results so quickly.

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Seattle U Law’s Online Programs Prepare Students for a Hot Job Market

Students in Seattle U’s Online Master of Legal Studies (MLS) in Compliance and Risk Management program have plenty of career options when they graduate. We love to prepare students for a hot job market. Also, according to, some of the hottest jobs for new lawyers and other legal professionals,  are in “alternative legal careers.” Compliance, in particular, is an especially lucrative field. 

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Student Profile: Get to Know Thijs’ Story and Why He Chose the MLS Program.

The primary reason for enrolling in this course online is because I live in Anacortes (located about two hours north of campus). For me to commute to Seattle every week for classes would not only be difficult, but that traffic would absolutely cause additional unhealthy stress. Thus, taking the course online allows me a more valued working space and the ability to feel like I am in control of my own schedule.

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Compliance With A Conscience

At Seattle University School of Law, we believe that compliance benefits society when practiced ethically. This is what we mean by “compliance with a conscience” — a core value of our program. 
In practice,  this means we train professionals to approach their work with an “I get to” attitude as opposed to a “because I have to” mentality. 

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Common Questions About the MBA and MLS Degrees

Master of Business Administration (MBA) degrees are often the go-to degrees for traditional career advancement, but they aren’t always the best degree in today’s complex market. The legal field is growing, with a need for non-lawyers to step in and provide legal focus in the workplace and the community[1]. Prospective students often ask us about the difference between a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree and a Master of Legal Studies (MLS) degree, both of which are offered at Seattle University.

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Five Ways to Advance Your Career

A Master of Legal Studies is in demand in a variety of industries and offers a practical learning format for busy adult learners. It’s the game-changer you need to advance your career.

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“Our curriculum is designed to help leaders see beyond ‘checking a box’ and learn to ethically create value for any organization.”
Linda Hiemer, JD, Senior Director, Graduate Law Programs, Seattle University School of Law

“The rapid expansion of teleworking and remote operations management occurring across the world in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic will forever change the way companies need to address organizational compliance and ethics.”
David Chen, JD, Affiliate faculty and Seattle University School of Law alumnus